2003 Fall Meeting Minutes

  • December 4th, 2003 HKN General meeting

    Elections results

    • President: Tyson Benson
    • Vice President: Jeff Hoelscher
    • Secretary: Gabriel Henkes
    • Treasurer: Mike Davis
    • Initiation co-chairs: Ben Flessner, Derek Light
    • Help Center co-chairs: Kristi Gavin, Adam Hanson
    • Communications co-chairs: Chris Miller, Jason Wilkinson
    • Activities co-chairs: Mikel Bezdek, Adnan Kapadia
    • E-council: Corey Yearous
    • Fund Raising co-chairs: Nick Olson, Bryan Ellingson

    Gabe will be putting together a new cabinet mailing list soon so Tyson can set up our meeting time for next semester.

    Everyone have a safe and great winter break and good luck on finals.

    Respectfully Submitted - Gabriel Henkes, HKN Secretary

  • December 2nd, 2003 HKN Cabinet Meeting

    General Meeting will be held thursday at 7pm in 2222 coover

    • pizza and pop will be provided
    • we will hold elections for cabinet positions next semester

    Some proposed Goals for next semester

    • Initiate even more initiates!!
    • A service project that involves all HKN members in one big group, so as to build comradery within HKN.
    • Golf outing
    • Retirement party for Dean Melsa
    • Barbeque/Department Picnic

    Respectfully Submitted, Gabriel Henkes, HKN Secretary

  • November 18th, 2003 HKN Cabinet Meeting

    WAC (Weds after class) will be tomorrow, the 19th, from 4:30-6:00, at Pizza Pit.

    We need to give back the money we didn't use from E-council.

    General Meeting, Thursday, Dec 4, at 7PM. Room TBA

    • Dr. Tuttle will make a list of positions to be elected at the general meeting.

    Bernard and Nathan are working on the initiation template.

    A possible project for next semester:

    • Make a power point presentation for initiation, including the major points of the ceremony and the explanation of the seal, etc.

    For the Cabinet Meeting on Dec. 2 (the last of the semester)

    • Come with goals we should set for HKN in order for it to keep growing next semester.

    Respectfully Submitted, Gabriel Henkes, HKN Secretary

  • Novemer 11th, 2003 HKN Cabinet Meeting


    • Good job to all involved with initiation!
    • Now we need to:
      1. Send in requisition forms for new members.
      2. Write down what we did for this initiation so we have a template for the future.

    Bents are to be purchased from the U of Alabama.

    • Need to decide on whether to get them or not. Last time they were $6 each.

    General Meeting

    • Meeting will be Thursday, December 4th, at 7PM.
    • Room yet to be determined.
    • We will be having pizza.
    • Elections will be held for all positions.
    • All cabinet members need to write up a summary of their position andsend it to Tyson by Sunday, November 16th.
    • The positions are:
      • President
      • Vice-President
      • Treasurer
      • Activities chair(s)
      • Initiation chair(s)
      • Help Center chair(s)
      • E-Council Representative
      • Webmaster
      • Publicity chair
      • Company Liaison


    • The FAC has been moved to Wednesday, November 19th.
    • Will probably start around 4:30 or 5:00 pm.
    • Will probably be at Pizza Pit.

    Respectfully Submitted, Gabriel Henkes, HKN Secretary

  • Novemer 4th, 2003 HKN Cabinet Meeting

    Due to cold weather, the tailgate has been changed to a FAC, scheduled for Friday the 14th at 5pm.

    Initiation (Sunday Nov. 9th, 6pm Cardinal room, MU)

    • There will be approx. 45 people at initiation.
    • The pres, someone filling in for the VP, the secretary, and the treasurer will talk.
    • Dr. Mina will talk.
    • There will be food.
    • Cabinet should attend.
    • Signature books and any dues that haven't been paid will be collected at the door.
    • Tyson is still looking into getting Wheatstone Bridges.

    Respectfully Submitted, Gabriel Henkes, HKN Secretary

  • October 28th, 2003 HKN Cabinet Meeting

    We had 27 initiates at the Formal meeting Monday!

    Initiation Ceremony

    • Prof. Mani Mina will be the speaker at initiation.
    • We need to order HKN medals. Tyson said he would do that.


    • The time of the Kansas State game was announced Weds. The game will be at 1pm.
    • Tailgate will probably start at 10am.
    • We need to figure out where we are going to have the tailgate and how we can inform everyone where it will be held.
    • We will have a sign-up in the HKN help room so we can get an estimate of how many people will be attending.
    • We will be charging $2 per person.


    • Will be held the weekend following the K-state game.
    • Should include pizza and pop.

    Service projects are going well. Everyone is showing up.

    End of the semester General Meeting.

    • We need to set up an end of the semester General Meeting the week before Dead week in order to elect officers for next semester.

    Respectfully Submitted, Gabriel Henkes, HKN Secretary

  • October 21st, 2003 HKN Cabinet Meeting

    The first initiate meeting went well.

    Second meeting(Monday, Oct 27th, 6pm Campanile Room, MU):

    • Things for initiates to do for meeting:
      1. Bring initiations dues ($60).
      2. Dress up.
      3. Bring their schedules (so they can sign up for the help room and service projects).
      4. Write down their names and email addresses so we have a list of the people joining.
    • Things for the cabinet to do for meeting:
      1. Have signature books ready for the initiates.
      2. Have the details on the service projects.
      3. Have exact requirements for initiation.
      4. Get more HKN wheatstone bridges.
      5. Bring help room sign-up.
      6. Attend the meeting dressed up.

    Requirements for initiation week and signature books.

    • Dress up three days during initiation week.
    • Get signatures from seven professors. (Please be dressed up for this!).
    • Get signatures from all cabinet members.
    • Get signatures from all of the initiate class.

    Respectfully Submitted, Gabriel Henkes, HKN Secretary

  • October 14th, 2003 HKN Cabinet Meeting

    Social activities

    • We are still planning on the Kansas State game for the HKN tailgate social.
    • We might go to a hockey game as a social event.

    Help room

    • The help room is up and running.
    • Have had just a few people show up so far.


    • Good job Joe, Nathan, and Bernard on getting the initiate letters out!
    • First initiate meeting this Sunday at 6 pm in the Cardinal Room in the Memorial Union.
      1. Cabinet Members are encouraged to attend.
      3. There will be pizza and pop.
      5. Things to have done for the meeting.
        1. Have a sheet for the initiates that explains what they need to do in order to join.
          • Work at the help desk.
          • Do a service project.
          • Dress up for initiation week.
          • Fill out signature book.
          • Attend meetings.
          • Pay dues.
          • Attend initiation.
          • GET INVOLVED!!
        3. Have what we are going to talk about ironed out.

    Nathan will be sending out a template email to each of the cabinet members. What we need to do is to send that email on to the people that we looked up addresses for. (Nathan will send that list out again also, in case you forgot or deleted it.)

    Respectfully Submitted - Gabriel Henkes, HKN Secretary

  • October 7th, 2003 HKN Cabinet Meeting

    The HKN Help Center has started up this week.

    • The profs who's classes will be cover at the help center have been emailed so they can tell their students about the help center.
    • Also posters about the help center will be put up around Coover.
    • Anyone who hasn't signed up to help out yet, please do so as soon as possible.

    The HKN bulletin board is going to have the cabinet's pictures posted on it.

    • Anyone that didn't get their picture taken can email a picture to gqtan@iastate.edu


    • We have 215 candidates for initiation this year.
    • We will print the letters ourselves since it will MUCH cheaper.
    • Printing, paper, envelopes, and stamps may be paid for by E-Council.
    • Each of the cabinet members needs to look up 25 possible initiates and fill out their address information and send it back to Nathan.
    • We will stuff letters Thursday at 6 pm.

    Initiation Meeting Schedule

    • Informal Initiate Meeting
      - Sunday, October 19th
      - Cardinal Room, Memorial Union
      - 6:00pm
    • Formal Initiate Meeting
      - Monday, October 27th
      - Campanile Room, Memorial Union
      - 6:00pm
    • Service Project (to be determined)
    • Initiation
      - Sunday, November 9th
      - Cardinal Room, Memorial Union
      - 6:00pm

    Respectfully Submitted - Gabriel Henkes, HKN Secretary

  • September 30th, 2003 HKN Cabinet Meeting

    E-Council News:

    1. If we want money, e-council will fund career development and other related activities. Applications are due this Friday. This is for Fall only.
    2. ASEE (The American Society for Engineering Education) will be having it's National Convention at ISU this year on October 9-11. It's free to students. For more info contact Corey Yearous at cyearous@iastate.edu.

    We finally got the list of possible initiates and will be working on getting current members filtered out.

    The sign-up for hours to work in the help center is located in the help center in the ALC. Sign up today!! We will be starting up the help center next week.

    The tailgating for the Kansas State football game on November 8th has been suggested as our fall social activity.

    A possible service project suggested was cleaning up and doing some gardening around Coover.

    Things to do:

    1. Make contact for service projects.
    2. Finalize dates for initiation.
    3. Get initiation letters sent out by next Friday.

    Discussion next time: Eligibility Requirements for HKN.

    Respectfully Submitted - Gabriel Henkes, HKN Secretary

  • September 24th, 2003 HKN General meeting

    Vice President Joe Cody ran the meeting.

    The HKN Tailgate will be held sometime in Nov. An email will be sent out giving details later.

    Kristi Gavin talked about the HKN help desk. There is a sign up sheet in the back of the ALC at the HKN office.

    Bernard talked about initiation. It will be held in Nov. He would also like input on ideas for activities for the initiates.

    Expressed a need for ideas on how to be active in the department.

    Jeff Hoelscher volunteered to help Kristi Gavin as the new HKN Help Desk co-chair.

    Respectfully Submitted - Gabriel Henkes, HKN Secretary

  • September 16th, 2003 HKN Cabinet meeting

    IMPORTANT: The general meeting has been rescheduled for next Wednesday the 24th of September from 7-8. The room will also be changed. Tyson will send out an email saying what room we will be holding the meeting in.

    Micron will be holding an informational meeting 6-7 on the 24th (right before the HKN general meeting). They will have FREE pizza.

    The proposed agenda for the general meeting is:

    1. Getting people to sign up for times to work in the help center.
    2. Discuss what is happening with initiation this year and ask for participation from people who are already members.
    3. Discuss the fall social activity
    4. Discuss the HKN mini-career fair and see if anyone has contacts in industry.

    Initiation Letter

    1. If we have 200 to send out we get a bulk rate of 26 cents per letter.
    2. We need to get the list of possible initiates as soon as possible.

    If anyone has more input on the HKN mini-career fair send it to Joe at joecody@iastate.edu.

    The pictures we had taken will be posted on the HKN bulletin board.

    We need to contact the professors of the classes that the help center covers so they can give information about us to their classes.

    Activities chairs will be looking into tailgating as fall social activity.

    NO cabinet meeting next week due to the career fair.

    Respectfully Submitted - Gabriel Henkes, HKN Secretary

  • September 9th, 2003 HKN Cabinet meeting

    E-Council News

    1. Engineering Club Fest will be next Tuesday, Sept 16th from 7-9 in Marston.
    2. Engineering Exec. Board has some openings. If interested email Cory Yearous at cyearous@iastate.edu

    Scholar's Fair

    1. HKN and IEEE will have  a booth together. We will use the slides from the picnic last year.

    Help Center

    1. Sign up at first General HKN meeting which will be held on Thursday, Sept 18th from 6-7 in 3138 Coover.

    Treasurer's Report

    1. We have about $1,800.

    Tentative Initiation Schedule

    1. Obtain the eligible senior and junior Computer and Electrical Engineering students.
      Cabinet Duties:
      • Secretary: Filter out the students that are already members.
        Sept 18-23
    3. Draft a letter and email congratulating the eligible student on becoming candidates in this Fall's initiation of HKN.
      • Secretary and Initiation Committee: Send letters with confirmed dates.
      • Activities Chair: Work on ideas for service projects.
        Contact Mike Todd to get the name of his service project contact from last year.
        Sept 27
    5. First general meeting for the interested eligible students. Informal attire.
      Goal: Talk about HKN and how it benefits the student and the department (Help center, service projects, etc.) Students may sign up for hours in the help center and a service project.
      • Initiation Committee: Schedule a room (MU, Campus lecture hall).
        Possible food.
      • Activities Chair: Have service project set up and info about help center.
        Oct 1
    6. Second meeting; confirmed students interested in joining HKN. Formal attire.
      Goal: Students get initiation books that are to be signed by the cabinet, faculty advisor and faculty of ECpE dept. All students are to sign up for help center and a service project (duration period of 3 weeks?). Formal dress for a week?? Badges??
      • Activities Chair: Prepare sign-up sheet.
      • HKN book design.
      • Initiation Committee: Schedule room for the formal meeting, and for the initiation ceremony. Inform students of location and date of initiation.
      • Treasurer: Collect checks for initiation, keep record.
      • Select a speaker for the initiation ceremony.
        Oct 7
    8. Initiation Ceremony. We need final confirmation numbers by Oct 24
      • Initiation Committee: Schedule the menu for the banquet and the necessary equipment.
      • Treasurer and Secretary: Confirm numbers, those who paid, and the payments of those bringing extra guests. Send reminders.
      • Ceremony: Nov 2 (evening)

    Things to be discussed next time:

    1. Fun activity (or food) for the General meeting on Thursday.
    3. Mini-career fair with HKN?
      • Which companies would we like to talk to?
      • Does anyone have industry contacts?
    4. Fall social activity. Possibly tailgating?
    Upcoming activities
    1. Cabinet meeting: Tuesday, Sept 16 at 5:15 in the ALC.
    3. General HKN meeting: Thursday, Sept 18 from 6-7 in 3138 Coover. (food or activity to follow)
    5. Engineering Career Fair: Sept 23, Hilton Coliseum.
    Respectfully Submitted - Gabriel Henkes, HKN Secretary

  • September 2nd, 2003 HKN Cabinet meeting

    President of HKN, Tyson Benson discussed the following:

    • Getting the help center started up again.
    • Sending out an email to all HKN members about a general meeting.
    • Initiation
      1. When we should send out invitations?
        We decided to get them out by the 25th of sept.
      2. Should we send out emails or actual invitations in the mail?
      3. When should we hold initiation?
        The 3rd week in october was put forward as a suggestion.
      4. What activities/projects should we have for the initiates and how long should initiation last?
    • Sprint and Micron want to have meetings in conjunction with HKN when they are on campus.
      1. Tyson and Bernard were going to get with the activities chairs about this.
    • Bulletin board suggestions are needed.
    • Pictures of the cabinet next week for the website.
    • What do we have for finances? What are some ways to raise money? Pop can collection?
    • The meeting time was changed to 5:15 for next tuesday.

    Things to be discussed next Tuesday:

    • The help center and when people can work at it.
    • Brainstorm more ideas about initiation and fund raisers.
    • Treasurer's report.

    Respectfully Submitted - Gabriel Henkes, HKN Secretary