2004 Spring Meeting Minutes

  • March 8th, 2004 HKN Cabinet Meeting

    Tentative Spring ‘04 Initiation Schedule:

    1. Obtain the eligible senior and junior Computer & Electrical Engineering students. Cabinet Duties: COMPLETED
      • Corresponding Secretary: filters out the students that are already members of the ISU chapter.
      • Date: March 5th, 2004
    2. Draft a letter & e-mail informing the eligible student congratulating them on becoming candidates in this Spring’s initiation in HKN.
      • Corresponding Secretary & Initiation Committee: Send letters with confirmed dates by March 12th.
      • Activities Chair: work on Ideas of service projects
    3. First general meeting for the interested eligible students. Informal attire.
      • Goal: Talk about HKN and how it benefits the student and the Dept. (Help Center, service projects, etc.).
      • Students may sign-up for hours in the Help-Center and Service project.
      • Initiation Committee: Schedule a room (MU, class room). Possible food (budget permitting).
      • Activities Chair: Have service project set-up, and info about the Help Center.
      • Wednesday March 24th at 6 PM
    4. Second meeting, confirmed students interested in joining HKN. Formal attire.
      • Goal: Formalize initiation. Students get books signed by cabinet, faculty adviser and faculty of ECpE Dept. All student are to sign-up for HKN Help Desk (1/2 hrs. per week), and a service project (Formal dress for a week?? Badges??)
      • Activities Chair: Prepare sign-up sheet.
      • HKN book design.
      • Initiation Committee: Schedule room for the formal meeting, and for the initiation ceremony. Inform students of location and date of initiation ceremony.
      • Treasurer: Collect checks for initiation, keep record.
      • Wednesday March 31st at 6 PM
    5. Initiation ceremony. We need final confirmation numbers by (????).
      • Initiation Committee: schedule the menu for the banquet and the necessary equipment.
      • Treasurer & Secretary: confirm numbers, those who paid, and the payments of those bringing extra guests. Send reminders.
      • Ceremony: April 18th (evening)

    We will be letter stuffing on Thursday from 5-6:30. Meet at the Help desk if you want to help out.

    Most of you have received instructions for sending out emails once Bernard gets us the template email.

    We need to get the service project set up.

    We need to contact Dean Melsa to see if April 18th will work for him.

    To recap important dates:

    1. Weds. March 18th, 6PM, (room TBA), first initiate meeting.
    2. Weds. March 31st, 6PM, (room TBA), second initiate meeting.
    3. Sun. April 18th, (room and time TBA), initiation.

    Respectfully Submitted - Gabriel Henkes, HKN Secretary

  • March 1st, 2004 HKN Cabinet Meeting


    • We should be getting the list of possible initiates this week.
    • Will have an outline of the dates soon.
    • We will do that same as last time: Each cabinet member will be responsible for looking up a number initiates in order to get their contact information.
    • Should get invitations out by the end of next week.


    • Raised the possibility of corporate sponsors, both ECprE and and food (such as the beef council or the pork producers) related.
    • To be held sometime around Easter and Veisha.

    Help Room

    • To improve student turn out we could:
      1. Be in contact with the professors of the classes we cover.
      2. Have the department send out a mass email.
      3. Have professors link to our schedule from their websites.

    The subcommittee is still looking into prices for op amps and resistors.

    Respectfully Submitted - Gabriel Henkes, HKN Secretary

  • February 23rd, 2004 HKN Cabinet Meeting

    Treasurer's recommendation for dues and budget:

    • Make sure we get the grant from Engineering Student Council
    • Charge each initiate $70 in both the fall and spring semesters
    • Keep better records of money spent and excesses in ordering (ie. left over pizza at first initiate meeting)
    • Cabinet members pay for their own meal at the initiation

    Fundraising suggestions:

    1. Sell component parts for EE 333 and EE 201 at the Help Desk.
    2. We could also sell pop, candy, or bags of chips at the help desk. Or even pizza during lunch hours on certain days.

    Outreach activity suggestions:

    1. Outreach to the New students: We could have some of our cabinet or regular members take some time in freshman classes or labs to talk to them about Who we are? What we do? How can you join? Promote the Help Center. Our main objective will be to create awarness.
    2. Have members set up demos of what they have done as EE's and CprE's.
    3. Have a meeting with a group of professors to discuss concerns that have been brought to us by students at the help center.
    4. Have professors of the classes that we cover at the help room link to our help room schedule from their website.

    For next week:

    • Get prices on pop.
    • Get list and prices of EE 201 and 333 components to possibly sell.

    Respectfully Submitted - Gabriel Henkes, HKN Secretary

  • February 16th, 2004 HKN Cabinet Meeting

    Engineering Student Council

    • Get costs for initiation to Corey by this Thursday.


    • Look into selling pizza in Coover on Fridays.

    Confirmed Activities

    • Picnic in late April

    Micron Tech Presentation:

    • Weds 4:00 PM 171 Durham

    Next week:

    • We will finalize what we want to do as far as dues and cabinet members paying for their own meals. Mike Davis will bring some figures for us to look over.
    • Also we will have an answer about whether HKN can be added to our transcripts or not.

    Respectfully Submitted - Gabriel Henkes, HKN Secretary

  • February 9th, 2004 HKN Cabinet Meeting

    February 9th, 2004 HKN Cabinet Meeting

    Initiation info

    • The list of possible initiates has been requested.
    • It was decided that initiation requirements will be the same as they have been, except in the case of transfer students. Transfers will be handled on a case by case basis. The requirement will probably be at least one tech elective.
    • A 3 week window is needed for the possible date of initiation so Dean Melsa can choose a day that works for him.

    Engineering Student Council

    • GSB engineering representative position is open. Contact sdudley@iastate.edu if interested.
    • We need a cost estimate of initiation by next week in order to submit a proposal to ESC.

    Help Room

    • The help room has started up again.

    Money issues

    • We spent more money last semester than we brought in. Not a big deal now but needs to be corrected now.
    • Possible resolutions:
      1. Raise dues.
      2. Cabinet members pay for their meals at initiation.
      3. We get fundraising up and going.
        • Some possiblities for fundraising:
          1. Collect cans in coover.
          2. Sell pop.
          3. Have HKN members bring their pop cans from home.

    Respectfully Submitted - Gabriel Henkes, HKN Secretary

  • February 2nd, 2004 HKN Cabinet Meeting

    Engineering Student Council:

    • ESC is restructuring in order to provide engineering students better services.
    • If you are interested in finding out more about this process, there will be a meeting tomorrow (Feb. 3rd) at 7:00 PM, in 1227 Hoover hall.
    • Proposals for funds are due Feb. 20th. Get info about initiation costs to Corey Yearous. cyearous@iastate.edu
    • Two positions still need to be filled on the ESC board.

    HKN Help Desk

    • The sign-up sheet is up in our corner of the ALC. Go sign up.
    • An email will be sent to all members, asking them to sign up.


    • Start working on the bulletin board.
    • Possible initiation activity: clean up around coover.


    • On the agenda for next week.
    • One suggestion is to sell hot chocolate and coffee.

    Respectfully Submitted - Gabriel Henkes, HKN Secretary

  • January 22nd, 2004 HKN Cabinet Meeting

    To Do:

    1. Get list of possible initiates.
    2. Get some possible initiation ceremony dates so we can get them to Dean Melsa.
    3. Get Help Desk up and running again. (Kristi will bring a sign-up to the next meeting).
    4. Get activities planned and going.

    Discussed possibly nominating Nathan Gibbs for 2004 HKN Outstanding ECE Student

    Discussed possible activities for the semester:

    1. An HKN ski outing to Seven Oaks (conveniently located 4 miles west of Boone on highway 30!).
    2. Picnic with IEEE like last year.

    Tentative cabinet meeting date and time:

    • Mondays at 6PM in the ALC
    • (Tyson will send out an email making this official if it works for everyone, he'll also tell us if we are going to meet next week).


    • As requested, I looked into it and we have 61 HKN members here at ISU. We had 28 new inductees last semester.

    Respectfully Submitted - Gabriel Henkes, HKN Secretary