2009 Spring Meeting Minutes

  • January 28, 2009

    Meeting Minutes for HKN Date: January 28, 2009


    • Reminder that our meetings are every Wednesday @ 8:10pm (so those that are finishing evening labs can come.)
    • In the upcoming weeks, pay attention to your email. There will be a couple meetings that will be moved to different days/times for our initiate meetings with food. If you have food requests for those meetings, please email those to me soon, so that we can consider your suggestions when placing the orders.


    • Received Junior/Senior CprE and Junior EE lists from Vicky. Missing Senior EE list, SungHo and/or Ankit were going to look into it and try to get that from her.
    • The draft of the encouragement letter is complete and this week or early next they are going to take to it Dr. Somani (and his secretary) for final approval and printing (97 copies + size of EE senior list)
    • Resume paper has been purchased for printing the letters.
    • Once all of the names are available, Letter printing and stuffing will occur (hopefully next Wednesday or Thursday), which they will need a few people to help with


    • We need a status on company contacts and how sponsorship this semester is going

    Mentor Program

    • Drew is creating a schedule for everyone with a maximum of two hours per week. He will be sending the schedule out as soon as he can work out the last few details. If you didn't put your availability in Drew's Poll, but would still like to help out with the Mentorship Program please send him an email (drew335@iastate.edu)
    • A prime location was secured (promised) with above average student visibility, and nice desks, chairs, and lighting. Coover 1041 is visible when walking into the Atrium of Coover Hall and provides a much better environment when compared to the ALC.

    Department Events

    • ECpE social
    • Thursday, February 12 @ 4pm
    • Coover Atrium
    • Advertises HKN, IEEE, and the mentor program
    • Taoran Li is looking into getting Hot Chocolate / Cookies for the event
    • An event invite will be sent to Freshmen/Sophomores/Faculty/Staff as well as included in the Undergrad newsletter


    • The bulletin board is locked that Wade is going to find out who has the key and what it takes to open it.
    • If you have any photos or artistic talent that you want to donate to help out with the bulletin board, please email Wade (wadepau@iastate.edu) or myself (cklein@iastate.edu)


    • Ideas for a new HKN sign are needed. The old sign is a broke. Funds are available for supplies.

    Exec Members

    • ESC funding presentations are next week. A budget, need, and presentation are being worked on in hopes of securing college level funding for some of our initiatives.
    • Two or more times a year, we could benefit from renting large passenger vans (20+ people) to transport HKN members to service projects that benefit the university, Ames, and the state of Iowa.
    • At least once a year there is a national conference that we could send students to, but our budget doesn't allow for it. Those students could bring back valuable information / new ideas that would help our organization to grow and contribute more to the university
    • Funds for operating expenses such as paper and stamps would also greatly free up our budget to spend that $60 - $100 on more affective programs to benefit the college.
    • Our organization provides several events each semester to help retain people in Engineering. This benefits the college as a whole no matter what department the students we are from.
    • We provide social events to encourage student-to-student and student-to-faculty interactions.
    • We provide a mentorship program that significantly addresses the challenges of engineering course work.
    • We host multiple industry events each semester to get companies interested in ISU students, and allow students to become familiar with companies and their career options. Organizing of these events significantly helps those individuals that chose to attend any of our highly publisized events, but these events overflow to all students by getting companies more involved in Iowa State recruiting. Most companies hiring engineers are looking for students in just about all majors (departments) in the college.
  • January 21, 2009


    • HKN meetings will start at 8:10PM every Wednesday instead of 8:00 PM.
    • All members need to fill out the doodle website Andrew Miller sent out with the times available for helping freshman and sophomores. Coover 1041 is a tentative location of where these help sessions might take place.
    • The HKN Meet and Greet is coming up, either in the first or second week of February on either a Wednesday or Thursday. TBD at the next HKN meeting.
    • For the initiation committee, HKN invitation letters need to be set in motion for next semester. Need a list of top 1/3 seniors and top 1/4 juniors with full name, curriculum, year in school, email address, and school address.