Current Members/Alumni

Active Membership

Active membership status will be bestowed on those who meet the following requirements:

Participate in at least 8 hours of chapter activities in a semester with at least 2 of these hours being HKN sanctioned service events, such as volunteering in the Help Room, and a max of 4 being Help Room.

Additionally, members are encouraged to attend at least one chapter meeting per semester to stay up to date with chapter activities. Active members will be allowed to hold officer positions, vote in elections, and will have access to exclusive networking opportunities from the chapter. Initiates will automatically be granted active member status upon induction.

Active membership is tracked on a rolling semesterly basis considering only Fall and Spring semester and begins once the requirements are met (e.g., if someone meets the requirements in October of Fall semester, they will become an active member on the date they meet the requirements and will remain an active member through the spring semester).


IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) is a lifetime designation. Once inducted into IEEE-HKN, you carry all of the rights and privileges of IEEE-HKN and can identify yourself as IEEE-HKN forever. After graduation, IEEE-HKN members continue their involvement through their own university chapter (or any local chapter) as graduate students, Ph.D. candidates, or as professionals volunteering for IEEE-HKN activities. IEEE-HKN offers Alumni and Professional members many opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute, long after graduation.

Get connected

Alumni can still be involved with our chapter in many ways.

Sign up for our newsletter where we recap the previous semester, congratulate our new initiates, discuss upcoming plans, and feature our sponsors.

Participate in our alumni panel discussions where you can talk to current members about your professional achievements and answer questions about your engineering experiences.

Donate to the chapter to fund our events and scholarships.