Joining HKN

Top Reasons to Join HKN
1. Be recognized for your accomplishments
2. HKN is a life-long designation and mark of prestige
3. Be a part of both a campus and global community
4. Professional and technical development opportunities
5. One year of IEEE Student Membership
6. Access to the award winning HKN magazine, The Bridge
7. Develop your leadership skills
8. Exclusive networking opportunities
9. Give back through service and outreach activities

Eligibility requirements
Top 20% of second semester sophomore class
Top 25% of junior class
Top 33% of senior class
Graduate Students
ECpE/CS Faculty
Having good character traits for the engineering and sciences field
Desire to lead and participate
Process for joining
If you qualify academically, you will be contacted by HKN.
Graduate Student Eligibility
Graduate students who have been at ISU for at least 1 semester and are in good academic standing are eligible to join.
Initiation Checklist
Participate in the Partnership Program
Participate in 8 activity hours with at least 2 being service hours
Complete Signature Booklet
One time fee of $92 (for life!)
Attend Initiation Banquet