IEEE-HKN is a global organization with over 250 university based chapters across the world. Founded in 1904, HKN has a rich history of promoting and fostering the values of scholarship, character, and service. HKN is a life-long designation and recognition of members’ achievements.

Top Reasons to Join HKN
1. Be recognized for your accomplishments
2. HKN is a life-long designation and mark of prestige
3. Be a part of both a campus and global community
4. Professional and technical development opportunities
5. One year of IEEE Student Membership
6. Access to the award winning HKN magazine, The Bridge
7. Develop your leadership skills
8. Exclusive networking opportunities
9. Give back through service and outreach activities
Famous HKN Members
1. Steve Wozniak: Co-founder of Apple Computers
2. Larry Page: Founder and Former CEO of Google
3. Gordon E. Moore: Co-Founder of Intel Corporation
4. Jack Kilby: Recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics
5. Amar Bose: Inventor, Founder, and Former Chairman of Bose
6. Irwin M. Jacobs: Co-Founder of Qualcomm
7. Henry Samueli: Founder and CEO of Broadcom
8. Grace Hopper: Inventor of first compiler tools and Navy Flag Officer
9. Sandra Magnus: NASA Astronaut

Member Profiles

HKN by the Numbers

  • Over 250 chapters worldwide
  • 1 annual Student Leadership Conference
  • HKN founded in 1904
  • Nu chapter founded in 1916
  • 10 chapter officer positions
  • Over 1000 hours of activities completed at ISU in the 2019-2020 school year