Meet the 2020-2021 Officer Team!

Since we were elected in Spring of 2020, the 2020-2021 officer team has been hard at work preparing for a successful school year! Check out our social media pages and look for future news stories to learn more about what we’ve been working on!

Officer Profiles:

Evan McKinney: President

Inducted: Spring 2019

Major: Computer Engineering and Physics with a minor in Math

Career Goals: “My dream is to work in academics as a professor. I am interested in research fields involving quantum computing architecture and complexity.”

2020-2021 Outlooks: “I am looking forward to seeing how our chapter members respond to the many changes we have been working on this summer. I am also looking forward to classes resuming with fingers crossed the virus will not worsen as the semester progresses.”

President- Evan McKinney

Felipe Varela-Carvalho: Vice President

Inducted: Fall 2018

Major: Electrical Engineering

Career Goals: “My current goal is to complete my Bachelor’s and get accepted into a Master science with a focus in Signals and Systems or machine learning. I plan on working with the development and research of new technologies.”

2020-2021 Outlooks: “I am very excited with the current changes that we are currently doing with the Iowa State HKN chapter. Lots of new and exciting things are happening in the chapter and I cannot wait to see the outcomes of it.”

Vice President- Felipe Varela-Carvalho

Joshua Welton: Treasurer

Inducted: Fall 2018

Major: Electrical Engineering

Career Goals: “My goals are to be accepted into the Masters of Science graduate program for Electrical Engineering and specialize in systems and controls. After that I would like to build a career around that area.”

Favorite Part of HKN: “My favorite part of HKN is building a welcoming community with my fellow members, one that gives us a chance to socialize and give back to the ECpE department.”

Treasurer- Joshua Welton

Zacharias Komodromos: Secretary

Inducted: Fall 2018

Major: Electrical Engineering

Career Goals: “My goal is to attend Graduate School for Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on Communication Systems. After that, I hope to involve myself in research in the area and enroll in a Doctoral program in order to ensure I keep working in research. “

Favorite Part of HKN: “My favourite part of HKN is the different ways it facilitates support for students in ECpE. Both having the Help Room as a resource for help in my understanding and an opportunity for myself to help others is an essential part of HKN.”

Secretary – Zack Komodromos

Conner Makoben: Initiation Chair

Inducted: Fall 2018

Major: Electrical Engineering

Career Goals: “My current career goals are to complete my bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and obtain a career working with power systems. Eventually I would hope to someday be able to work with renewable energy such as solar or wind.”

Favorite Part of HKN: “My favorite part about HKN is that it allows for me to reach out and meet a lot of new people that might be taking similar classes as me or who I come by frequently on campus. This allows for me to meet some good people who otherwise may have just been strangers to me through my college career.”

Initiation Chair- Conner Makoben

Andrew Frank: Service/Social Chair

Inducted: Spring 2020

Major: Computer Engineering with minors in Music Technology and Energy Systems

Career Goals: “I want to go into the renewable energy field to create and improve new renewable systems.”

Favorite Part of HKN: “My favorite part about being in HKN is getting to take part in a community of educated and driven people. I get to learn and grow from lots of different passions.”

Social Chair- Andrew Frank

Cole Weitzel: Mentorship Chair

Inducted: Spring 2018

Major: Computer Engineering

Career Goals: “I want to work at John Deere or a similar company. Since I have a farming background, I would love to integrate my knowledge of technology with farm equipment.”

Favorite Part of HKN: “My favorite part about HKN is getting to know new people and learn from them. I have enjoyed working in the help room and sharing my knowledge with other students.”

Mentorship Chair- Cole Weitzel

Katelyn Brinker: PR/Website Chair

Inducted: Spring 2016 to Gamma Theta

Major: PhD Student in Electrical Engineering

Career Goals: “I hope to work as a researcher at NASA when I finish my PhD. I’m currently a Pathways Intern with NASA Goddard and plan to convert to full time after finishing my degree. “

Favorite Part of HKN: “My favorite part about HKN is having a platform to create new initiatives and give back to my department, campus, and community. I also really love getting to teach technical skill building workshops on topics like Matlab and PCB design.”

Publications Chair – Katelyn Brinker