What’s Nu? 2020-2021 New Initiatives

Virtual Help Room

Our Help Room has gone virtual this semester! Open hours will be hosted via webex and appointments can also be made. Visit our help room webpage for more info.

Active Membership Requirement

Starting this semester, active membership requirements are now in place for current members. The purpose of these requirements is to encourage members to engage more with the chapter and to ensure that those voting and running for officer positions are invested in the success of the chapter.

Partnership Program

The Partnership Program is a new initiative that partners initiates with current members throughout the initiation process. Partners are matched based on their interests and meet a couple times throughout the semester. This program is designed to help build the community of the chapter and help initiates through the process of becoming a member.

Virtual Operations Plan

The chapter is planning on operating 100% virtually this semester so that our events can be as accessible as possible. You can read more about our virtual operations plan on the resources page.